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PT Widya Teknologi Hayati is a biotechnological research company focused on the exploration and production of bioactive compounds in Indonesia. We believe in the local production of bioactive compounds for biotechnology research. Our fundamental building block is our own plant & microbial germplasm collection that ensures a consistent supply of quality material for green biotechnology research and development.

Currently, we have two divisions: the Plant & Microbial Biotechnology Research, and the Biological Production Development Divisions. Our Plant & Microbial Biotechnology Research Division consists of three research laboratories: fungal, bacterial, and plant biotechnology. Those laboratory facilities were designed to accelerate contemporary biotechnology research, enabling such techniques as plant and microbial micropropagation, plant tissue culture, molecular biology analysis (DNA, RNA, and protein), plant and microbial genomic research, genetic engineering, and other biotech research activities involving plants and microbes. Meanwhile, our Biological Production Development Division has the corresponding facilities for developing industrial-scale biological production, such as pilot-scale biological production and field experiments. These facilities include a plant tissue culture and fungal production laboratory, a greenhouse for plant acclimatization, and a screen house for maintaining high-quality plant seed production.

We are Indonesian biotechnologists, who made the simple realization that to accelerate research progress, we need to stop waiting for imported reagents and consumables.

We are determined to start the long journey towards bio-independence and sovereignty, to help Indonesian scientists work faster, and better – helping humanity with biotechnology.

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